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You and me and my red bike

You and me and my red bike


by Jujja Wieslander

Rabén & Sjögren, Sweden
Original title: Du och jag och min lilla cykel
Translation rights sold to: the Netherlands (the book is publsihed in a large and a small version)

A fantastic cooperation between Jujja Wieslander and Marit Törnqvist. Together they have created a picture book with a starting point in Jujja and Tomas Wieslander’s songs for the very young, songs where play takes a center stage.

I got the wrong shoe
On the wrong foot
How did that even happen?
It does whatever it wants,
my shoe
I think I need some help from you
With the switching part,
I can get by
But can you come and help me tie

For several years, Jujja and Tomas Wieslander listened to children when they played, talked, and sang. From this recorded material, they created their songs. Simple, ingenious songs for little children, about everything that concerns the world of the child; Dad, Mom, being sick, how you put your shoes on, getting a sore, and many other exciting things. It is so close to the child, and so right on when it comes to what goes on in the world of the child. Artist Marit Törnqvist has chosen some of her favorite songs. From these she created her story. We get to follow a few children in their games, thoughts, and daily life. Jujja’s worlds of song have become a story in Marit’s wonderful pictures.
You and I and My little Bike is a fantastic cooperation. A picture book where each spread is its own world of song and games. The atmosphere in the pictures, combined with the simple, ingenious song lyrics, makes this a book you can’t be without if you are young and like to sing and look at pictures.

You and me and my red bike